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Man Story (1998)


genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Lim Bong-Man, a man who has lived with only his fist threading his way through back alley. Due to Rou Guerric disease that paralyses muscles, 2 months is left for him to live. As he is about to settle down as a middle boss of an organization after wandering around like wind, death comes to him absurdly. While he roams around unable to control the remained time, Bong-Man gets to meet Hee-Kyeong whom he deserted when he was young again. With his son Bong-Ku whose existence is totally unknown to him. He, who is dying alone, finally came to taste happiness due to them. Bong-Man feels father love as he choose toys and eat with his son. However he feels 2 months is too short to give his love to his son. Meanwhile a plot to press down Bong-Man begins in the organization. Thus Axe who follows Bong-Man like his shadow determines to take every responsibility for Bong-Man's safety.

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Duration: 96mins
Released: Apr 2, 1998

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Production: Young Seo Films, Film production 1927

Color: Color
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