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Story of Two Women, The (1994)

두 여자 이야기

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Young-Su who can't bear a baby. Kyeong-Ja who becomes a second wife to educate her brother who is left alone during the war. Two women's tightened tug of war about their husband begins. However they become friends as they gradually understand each other. As the husband who got aboard on the ocean-going ship dies, two women came to manage home affairs. When she gets to see her husbands' diary that contains his love toward Kyeong-Ja, Young-Sun feels jealous but keeps it in secret by herself. Meanwhile Kyeong-Ja, who looks for love not knowing this, flees by night with Dal-Jung who approaches to her continuously even before her married. Young-Sun, who is left alone, experiences her mother-in-law's death and manages hard life with Kyeong-Ja's baby son Sang-Min and heavy debt. Years later Young-Sun takes Kyeong-Ja who goes around red light street to the family but Sang-Min doesn't want to accept his biological mother who deserted him. Looking at Kyeong-Ja who reconciled with her son dramatically and starts new life, Young-Sun feels unknown sense of lethargy. On the day Kyeong-Ja and Sang-Min prepare a table of birthday party for her, Young-Sun gives Kyeong-Ja her husband's diary that she has kept.

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Duration: 103mins
Released: Apr 22, 1994

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Production: Koryo Films

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: ratio
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