Late Autumn  (1982)
Starring: Kim Hye-Ja, Jeong Dong-Hwan, Yeo Wun-Gye
Director:Kim Soo-Yong(a)
Production:Dong-A Exports
Country:South Korea

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About Late Autumn
Hye-Rim, who is serving prison term on the charge of murder, is given special holiday as an exemplary prisoner when her prison term still remains by two years. She takes train to Kaneung city to pay homage in front of her mother's tomb. At train, she meets a young man (Min-Ki) who is chased by a gang. He positively approaches her to make her feel warm and love him. He suggests her to flee far away together, but she rejects her suggestion and returns to the prison. Two years later, she is released from prison and visits the park along lake where they promised to meet again just two years before. As promised, she waits for him at the place, but he was already arrested by the police and is now in jail. She waits for him for a long time, and is tired and leaves for some place lonely.