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Who Saw the Dragon's Toenails? (1991)

누가 용의 발톱을 보았는가?

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
During her secret date with Park In-Kyu, the opposite party's presidential candidate, Ji-Won, an anchor woman, witnesses that Jeong Yong-Wuk, an outstanding candidate for the next presidency of the leading party, is violated. She barely escapes from the scene. The political situation gets instability due to uncertainty of whether Jeong committed suicide or not. Park In-Kyu coerces her to be silent. Meanwhile Choi Jong-Su, former correspondent of eastern Europe, researches on the scene of the former chief martial law administrator Jeong Yong-Wuk case and persistently chases the suspicion about the prosecutors' statement that concludes his suicide, and political plots. Ji-Won, troubled by distortion, informs hard fighting Choi Jong-Su that she witnesses the spot in spite of scornful laugh of those around ones. Later the article Jeong's murder case is seen appears in a newspaper and the political mood....

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Duration: 98mins
Released: Apr 5, 1991

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Production: Seoul Films

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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