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Woman Who Walks on the Water, A (1990)

물위를 걷는 여자

genre: Romance
country: South Korea
Nan-Hee and Min-Hee are close friends since college days. After graduation, Nan-Hee early sets her life on the fashion business and studies in Paris with difficulties while Min-Hee marries Jae-Min who was once supposed to have a blind date with Nan-Hee. Then Jae-Min comes to Paris on business. As they meet again and again, they fall in love with each other. Nan-Hee finishes her studying in Paris and comes back to Korea to start to work. Her business is flourishing thanks to Jae-Min's support. One day Min-Hee is shocked as she came to know their secret meeting and finally divorces. Nan-Hee, who leads her friend's family to be broken, gives up her business and becomes an ordinary house wife marrying a painter while Min-Hee takes over Nan-Hee's business.


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Duration: 112mins
Released: Sep 29, 1990

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Production: Sungil Cinemart

Color: Color
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