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My Old Sweetheart (1995)


genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Nam Yu-Ri, a 19-year-old girl who strangely lives as a part time jobber of a convenience store during the day and as a runaway rider who madly drives on the dark asphalt at night. Kwak Young-Su, 1 36-year-old a little bit insidious man who pretends to be lofty but enjoys erotic computer game in a bright monitor in a dark room. These two persons meet at a small police box in their village one day. Yu-Ri is there on charge of theft a excessive mini skirt while Young-Su is there due to permit of voluntary service. As he takes her out from the police box, Young-Su sends back Yu-Ri who wants to stay one night in his house giving some money. And then their second meeting on Rodeo Drive. Young-Su disputes with a tow car driver due to parking while Yu-Ri passes him sending a greet with her eyes. Then as then meet for the third, fourth, and fifth time, they get to be affectionate with each other. However they came to face hardship due to Yu-Ri's father who is an army general. Anyway they succeed in getting married and take a honeymoon trip to Hawaii.

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Duration: 102mins
Released: Sep 8, 1995

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Production: Hapdong Films

Color: Color
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