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Winter's Dream Doesn't Fly (1991)

겨울꿈은 날지 않는다

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
A 29-year-old woman Seo Seong-Im, who wants to find a wayout from boredom of daily life, and a 26-year-old lonely guy Shin Kil-Wu came to have an acquaintance with each other and travel together spending a lot of money. They feel pleasure in spending money just as they take a revenge on this world. They understand each other and friendship deepens, though it was a short while. However Kil-Wu returns to his original way of living by committing suicide while Seong-Im goes back to her daily life just like nothing has happened to her.

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Duration: 95mins
Released: Apr 5, 1991

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Production: Cine Group Maru

Color: Color
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