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When Woman Puts on Make-up Twice (1984)

여자가 두번 화장할 때

genre: Erotic
country: South Korea
A beauty artist Na-Young gets pregnant of a fraud and scoundrel Dong-Cheol's baby, but when he is arrested, has no place to go. Driven out of the inn, Na-Young happens to take Hyeon-Seob's car who is on his way to the farm in Daekwanryeong. Hyeon-Cheol has once lied that he has a lover pregnant of his baby. When Hyeon-Seob dies from traffic accident on his way to the farm, Na-Young goes to the destination as his lover. While she is staying at the farm, Hyeon-Seob's brother Hyeon-Wu feels love for her. Hyeon-Wu realizes that she is not Hyeon-Seob's lover. They spend happy days there, but Dong-Cheol released from the prison appears in front of her threaten them. Na-Young confronts with the crisis of choosing her fate.

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Duration: 97mins
Released: Apr 14, 1984

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Production: Hapdong Films

Color: Color
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