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Tomorrow's Rain (1991)

내일은 비

genre: Romance
country: South Korea
Ji-Young is beautiful and passionate while Ji-Seon is pure and well-natured. Cheol-Hwan, a young business man, tries to engage to Ji-Seon because he is covetous of two sisters' father, chairman Min's money. Although she loves Hyeong-Jo, a gifted musician, Ji-Seon follows her father's will. But Ji-Young came to know Chel-Hwan's plot and feels pity for her sister. As bankruptcy causes her father's death, Ji-Young determines to take revenge and stands against Cheol-Hwan. Ji-Seon, who lived in an isolated island with Hyeong-Jo after she found Cheol-Hwan's real intention, holds a concert for the disabled to commemorate Hyeong-Jo's death. And she gives a warm reception with smile to Cheol-Hwan who comes to ask pardon.

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Duration: 118mins
Released: May 11, 1991

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Production: Woo Ri Films Co. Ltd

Color: Color
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