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My Little Bride (2004)


genre: Comedy, Romance
country: South Korea
Kim Rae-Won (, Rooftop Room Cat, What Planet Are You From?) and hot newcomer, Moon Geun-Young (Lovers' Concerto) star in My Little Bride, a romantic comedy so funny, you'll fall head over heals in love!

Sang-Min's (Kim Rae-Won) life is perfect. He's young, good-looking and popular with the ladies. That is, until he finds out he's arranged to be married to a high school student! Sang-Min and his young bride live a turbulent and hilarious double-life as they find out if there really is life after marriage.

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Duration: 115mins
Released: Apr 2, 2004

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users   (9.32)

Production: Culturecap Media
Distribution: Korea Pictures
Investment: Korea Pictures

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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