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Love Me Not (2006)

사랑따윈 필요없어, No Need to Love

genre: Romance, Drama
country: South Korea
Julian lives in luxury with the money he lures from his rich female customers. But now he’s over his head in debt from trying to set up his own business and will be killed unless he clears the debt in one month. The only way to save himself is to pretend to be the long-lost brother of an heiress and snatch her fortune. Min, the blind heiress, cold-hearted and cynical like Julian, slowly opens up to him, and he, too, eventually falls for her. Julian is caught between his financial dilemma and his unexpected feelings for Min. But he still has his debt to pay and to make matters worse, Min’s life is threatened.

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Duration: 119mins
Released: Nov 9, 2006

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Production: Sidus, Pan Communication
Distribution: ShowBox

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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Love Me Not
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