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My Lovely Fool TV Series (2006)

내사랑 못난이, My Lovely Motnani

genre: TV, Drama, Romance
country: South Korea
On Air: 11.8.2006 ~ 13.10.2006
This story is about a woman named Cha-Yeon who grows up in an orphanage with her friend Ho-Tae, Cha -Yeon got married and had a child named Duri and then got divorced. Duri, is born ill and, to earn money to save her son, Cha-Yeon does whatever she needs, and agrees to marry the rich Dong-Ju who uses Cha-Yeon to create a scandal, so his current wife Seung-Hye would divorce him. Dong-Ju and Seung-Hye did not marry out of love and after endurng a difficult marriage they agree to divorce, and after divorce, Seung-Hye begins to fall for Ho-Tae who is irresponsible but charismatic in his own way.... to add complication to the mix, Seu Hek-Yeong is attracted to Dong-Ju for his wealth and status, but Dong-Ju begins to fall for Cha-Yeon whom he married on paper just to get out of his marriage.....

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Released: Aug 11, 2006

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Production: Starmax
Distribution: SBS
Investment: SBS
Public Relation: SBS

Format: Beta-SP
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
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