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One Who I Should Meet, The (1974)

만나야 할 사람

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Ji-Suk married in North Korea but she is parted from her husband Jun-Hee during Korean War. She comes to the south with her daughter Seon-A and remarries to Min-Su, an air force pilot, due to his persistent courtship. However Jun-Hee, who crosses border looking for Ji-Suk, has never forgotten his wife for 6 years. He happened to meet Seon-A through Kyeong-Ja who lives in Ji-Suk's house and meets Ji-Suk again. But he is agonised as he is shocked about her remarried life. Min-Su devotes his love to Ji-Suk to protect her by his own way. After all Jun-Hee gives up Ji-Suk. Instead he leaves Seoul with his daughter Seon-A thanks to Min-Su's consideration.

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Duration: 86mins
Released: Sep 28, 1974

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Production: Hanjin Enterprises

Color: Color
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