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Silver Stallion (1991)

은마는 오지 않는다

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Just after the Inchun landing operation, UN soldiers come into a village in Keum San, Kang Won Do where they rape Eon-Rye. Although Eon-Rye is shunned by neighbors due to this, she can't kill herself because of her son Min-Shik for whom she is working as a kitchen maid for a family without her husband. After all Eon-Rye becomes a prostitute of Texas village. As the American culture flows in, peaceful orders begin to collapse and confront between Eon-Rye and villagers becomes acute. Their confront deepens due to young children's death. However as the war continues, the neighbors leave the village one by one. Eon-Rye and his son Min-Shik, too, leave forgiving and understanding every body.

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Duration: 123mins
Released: Oct 3, 1991

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Production: Hanjin Enterprises

Color: Color
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