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Lee Soon Shin is the Best TV Series (2013)

최고다 이순신, You are the Best, Lee Soon-Shin, The Great Lee Soon-Sin

genre: TV, Drama, Romance, Comedy
country: South Korea
Broadcast: March 9, 2013 ~ August 25, 2013
Episodes: 50

Lee Soon Shin (IU) was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but with the death of her father, she’s finally forced to confront reality and all of the hardships that come with it. Coddled as the youngest and least successful sibling of the family, the silly Soon Shin nevertheless shines as a lively and spirited girl, which attracts Shin Joon Ho (Jo Jung Suk), a talent agent banking on a comely return-on-investment. However, both of them get more than they expected when their partnership turns both of their lives around for the better. (Source: dramafever)
YOU ARE THE BEST!depicts the youngest daughter (Lee Sun-Shin), and her mother, whose lives were both thrown into turmoil after the abrupt death of Sun-Shin's father. In their pursuit of happiness, love subsequently come back into both of their. Lee Sun-Shin, due to a lack of confidence compared with her two high-flying elder sisters, lives a dull life after graduation from university, with no chance to make her way.One day, she loses all her money in a scam, and has little choice but to work as a part-time worker at cafe where she keeps bumping into Shin Jun-Ho, the CEO of a management company. Her father's death impacts both her and her now-aimless family members, driving them all into a miserable situation, whereupon the CEO asks if she might be interested in becoming an actress.

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Released: Mar 9, 2013

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Distribution: KBS

Format: HD
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
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