Wonderful Days TV Series  (2014)
참좋은 시절

Also Known As: Wonderful Season, Very Good Times, Good Times Indeed
Starring: Lee Seo-Jin, Kim Hee-Seon, Taek Yeon
Director:Kim Jin-Won
Genre:TV, Drama, Family, Comedy, Romance
Country:South Korea

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About Wonderful Days TV Series
Broadcast: 2014-02-22 ~ 2014-08-10
Episodes: 50

Kang Dong-seok overcame poverty and left his small town to become a successful prosecutor. A genius with an aloof kind of charisma, his arrogance and ill temper puts him at odds with many people, including his estranged family. After 15 years, Dong-seok is transferred back to his hometown and reconnects with his roots, re-learning the value of neighborly warmth in the countryside and the true meaning of love and family. His misfit siblings include Dong-hee, his younger brother who works for a money-lending business; his older brother Dong-tak, an events emcee who dreams of becoming an actor; and his twin sister Dong-ok, who is developmentally challenged and remained in a childlike state ever since an accident during their childhood.
Kang Dong Suk (Lee Seo Jin) grew up as a smart young boy, but came from a poor family background. He is now a successful prosecutor and comes back to his hometown for the first time in 14 years. There, he happens to meet his first love Cha Hae Won (Kim Hee Sun) and falls in love with her all over again.