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Fire (1978)

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
She (Suni) gets married to Bong-Ku without knowing sexual relation between male and female at all. She is brought up serving only father to become manlike, while her husband (Bong-Ku) is an opposite case serving only mother and being brought up with his friend called "Bawoo". She intentionally avoids to share the same bed with husband because of her morbid fear toward husband. Then, she begs Bawoo (husband's friend) for the help. Her husband suspects the relation between her and Bawoo at first, but understands that their relation is pure. She cannot rely upon her father, or sole reliable person, because her father gets married to Bawoo's mother. She sets fire to her husband's room to forget her morbid fear toward husband. While watching the fire, she feels her own sexual drive. At last she becomes a female in sexual desire.

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Duration: 82mins
Released: May 6, 1978

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Production: Hapdong Films

Color: Color
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