Guseju 2 Soundtrack

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Also Known As:Oh! My God 2
Director:Hwang Seung-Jae
Country of Origin:South Korea
Release Date:Feb 27, 2009
Publisher:Mnet Media
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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Intro (Narr 최성국)
Fighting Daddy Fighting - 화이팅 대디
햇살 속의 Drive
Some Day
아름다운 구속 - 이영은
아름다운 구속 (String Ver.)
니가 없다는 건 - 류주환
Blue Sky
날씨맑음 - 류주환&심은진
마지막 선물 (은지의 기다림)
웃어도 눈물이... (Narr. 이영은) - 류주환
아름다운 구속 (Piano Ver.)
Fighting Daddy Fighting (Inst.)
아름다운 구속 - 박정아
아름다운 구속 (Inst.)
About Guseju 2
In 2006 Oh! My God came out of nowhere to become a surprise box office hit. The raucous comedy returns to the big screen just as suddenly in 2009 for Oh! My God 2. Popular comedy actor Choi Sung Kook, a familiar face from movies like Sex is Zero and Master Kims, is back as philandering hero Im Jung Hwan, but this time his character is a taxi driver. Rising starlet Lee Young Eun (Summer Whispers) plays his sassy romantic counterpart, along with Ahn Moon Sook and Jo Sang Gi, who was also in Oh! My God. Directed by Hwang Seung Jae, Oh! My God 2 is every bit as funny and entertaining as its predecessor.

As heir to Korea’s biggest taxi company, playboy Im Jung Hwan (Choi Sung Kook) spends money like water and stirs up trouble in droves. Life is totally great for Jung Hwan until his mother (Kim Hyung Ja) suddenly cracks down and takes away his money. What’s more, she orders him to start driving a taxi to earn his keep! Jung Hwan, who’s never worked a day in his life, can only comply, but he keeps angering his customers and even tries to put up his taxi as collateral for a loan. When Jung Hwan’s first passenger, Eun Ji (Lee Young Eun), runs off without paying, it marks the fateful beginning of a bickering romance between the poor girl and the down-on-luck heir in disguise. But it’s only a matter of time before Jung Hwan’s old ways come creeping back!
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