Boys Over Flowers TV Series OST CD + Booklet + Photo Cards

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Also Known As:Boys Before Flowers, Kgotboda Namja, Meteor Garden, Hana Yori Dango, Flower Boys
Director:Jeon Gi-Sang
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Jun 13, 2009
Publisher:Warner Brothers
Product Made In:Taiwan

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Comes with :
- Card Case
- 8 Photo Cards
- Chinese Lyrics Photo Booklet
- Romanized Lyrics

01. Paradise - T-Max
02. Because I am Stupid - SS501
03. Do you Know - Someday
04. Stand By Me - SHINee
05. Lucky - Ashily
06. Star Tears -
07. A little Bit - 真
08. On More Time - Ӥ Tree Bicycle
09. I Know (Saxophone Instrument) -
10. Dance with me (inst.) Various Artists
11. Blue Flower (inst.) Various Artists
12. So sad (inst.) Various Artists
13. Main Title - T-Max

After inspiring an anime series, hit TV dramas in Taiwan and Japan, and a blockbuster movie, Kamio Yoko's immensely popular romance manga Hana Yori Dango comes to Korean television! KBS's highly anticipated Boys Over Flowers spins the modern-day Cinderella tale of a poor, but spunky schoolgirl at an exclusive academy who attracts the interests of the four ultra-rich and ultra-handsome princes of the school known as F4. The underrated T-max sing the drama's uptempo main theme Paradise, and SS501 croons the catchy ending theme "Because I'm Stupid" which has turned into an immediate hit. SHINee chimes in with the light, mid-tempo Stand By Me.
About Boys Over Flowers TV Series
Broadcast: January 5, 2009 ~ March 31, 2009
Total 25 episodes

* 45th Baeksang Awards: Best New TV Actor (Lee Min Ho)
* 45th Baeksang Awards: Most Popular TV Actor (Kim Hyun Joong)

The most popular Korean drama of 2009 is here! They said the third time is a charm, indeed! Don't miss this latest wonderful adaptation from the hugely popular Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango by Kamio Yoko.

Korea's #1 romantic comedy reaches its exciting conclusion! Jandi and her family are forced out of their house by Junpyo's mother, the ruthless Ms. Gang. But the homeless clan gets help from an unexpected source - Junpyo's sister hires Jandi as a maid! That's just the beginning of one exciting adventure after another as Jandi, Junpyo and Jihoo come to realize just how important family, friendship and loyalty can be. And how true love rarely comes easy.

Boys Over Flowers is based on the hugely popular Japanese manga, Hana Yori Dango, by Yoko Kamio. The Korean TV adaptation dominated the ratings and continues to win fans with its combination of laughter, thrills and romance. On DVD with English subtitles.