Dandleion Family TV Series Soundtrack

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Also Known As:Roses and Dandelions
Director:Im Tae-Woo
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Family
Release Date:Jun 15, 2010
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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* 사랑이 시작되던 날 - 오소영
* 나는 사랑한다 - 나윤권
* Wave (Accordion Version)
* Cimarosa
* Broken Heart (지원 Theme)
* 추억 1 - 고경현(기린섬)
* 떠오르는 모습
* Grace
* 녹턴 (Nocturn) - 이은미
* 아름다운 곳에서
* Wave (Orchestra Version)
* 추억 2 - 서범석
* Coming Home
* 아끼지 말아요 - 하울&천단비
* Tomorrow
* 추억 ; Lullaby - 서범석
About Dandleion Family TV Series
Broadcast: January 30, 2010 ~ July 25, 2010
Episodes: 50

A drama that depicts the lives of three sisters and their romances. The eldest sister boasts an outwardly perfect marriage, while the second sister ends up pregnant and moves out with her college boyfriend. The youngest sister, Hye Won, desires to avoid marriage after observing the heartache that her siblings experience.
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