Mr. Idol Soundtrack
Mr. 아이돌

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Director:Ra Hee-Chan
Country of Origin:South Korea
Release Date:Nov 07, 2011
Publisher:WindMill Media
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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Summer Dream Intro
Summer Dream - Mr.칠드런 (박재범,노영채,구인회)
끝나지 않은 노래- Mr.칠드런 (노영채)
나는 - 남규리
Missing U (박재범 댄스 Scene)
망가져가 - 유키스 (U-KISS)
Remember - 노영채
그대만 보이네요 - 남규리
끝나지 않은 노래 (구주 Version) - 박예진
I Will Get U (스쿠터 Scene)
오랜만에 - 채효정
Shall We Kiss? (실비집 Scene)
Yes, It Is!! - 서기준
Believe - 지오G.O (MBLAQ)
끝나지 않은 노래 (Epilogue Version)
About Mr. Idol
Music executive Goo-Joo (Park Ye Jin) left South Korea 3 years ago after the death of vocalist for idol band Mr. Children. She now returns to South Korea. At the airport her suitcase is lost. Goo-Joo's suitcase is mistakenly taken by travel guide assistant Yoo-Jin (Ji Hyun Woo).

Goo-Joo is offered a job by Hee-Moon (Kim Soo Ro) who runs top talent agency Star Music. She turns the offer down and instead seeks out the remaining members of Mr. Children to reform the group. Hyun-Yi, Jio and Ricky all gather together again but they need a lead singer. Goo-Joo decides to hold an open audition to find the next vocalist for Mr. Children.

Meanwhile, Goo-Joo calls her cellphone, which was in her suitcase, and talks with travel guide assistant Yoo-Jin. They make an arrangement so Goo-Joo can pick up her suitcase and phone. In the past, Yoo-Jin trained with a band for talent agency Star Music, but the group was kicked out from Star Music. He now works several part-time jobs and at night plays with an indie band in a bar. One day, the owner of the bar asks the band to take part in the audition held by Goo-Joo.

At the audition Yoo-Jin and Goo-Joo are both surprised to see each other again. Yoo-Jin's band performs, but Goo-Joo asks to hear just Yoo-Jin. He refuses to perform alone and leaves the audition with his band. Later that day Yoo-Jin's band, seeing no hope for their careers, decides to disband. Music executive Goo-Joo still hasn't given up hope on Yoo-Jin and follows him around daily, hoping to persuade him to front Mr. Children ....

- Early Korean working title was "Happy Together" (해피투게더).
- "Mr Idol" began filming February 28th, 2011. The first shooting scene took place around Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea.
- Filming finished on June 9th, 2011. The last shooting scene took place on the Han River Bridge. The last scene shot involved Yoo-Jin (Ji Hyun Woo) carrying a drunken Goo-Joo (Park Ye Jin) on his back.
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