Its Okay, Thats Love TV Series Soundtrack vol.2
, ̾

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Also Known As:Its Okay, Its Love, Its Alright, This is Love
Director:Kim Gyu-Tae(b)
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Sep 18, 2014
Publisher:Gaji Contents
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:Deluxe Case

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̷ - ʸ
MC The Max - U
Orange Caramel - Tonight
Hey - And I Need You Most
I Love Party (Vox Ver.)
Blue Day
Let The Wind Blow
One Moment
Route 16
Slow Motion
Just Quit It
I'm Yours
Gloomy Dream
Bad Dream
Timeless Slow
About Its Okay, Thats Love TV Series
Broadcast: 2014-07-23 ~ 2014-09-11
Episodes: 16

Based in a mental clinic, this drama portrays the life and love of modern day people. Love can sprout from the most unexpected places and in the most crowded minds.

Jang Jae Yul (Jo In Sung) is a famous mystery novelist and popular radio DJ who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). When he meets Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin), a first-year psychiatry fellow at the hospital where he is being treated, they help each other work through their deep-rooted emotional issues. But how will Jo Dong Min (Sung Dong Il), Hae Soos senior colleague and first love, and Lee Pul Ip (Yoon Jin Yi), Jae Yuls girlfriend, feel about their growing closeness?