House of Flying Daggers Soundtrack


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Also Known As:Lover, Shi Mian Mai Fu,
Director:Yimou Zhang
Country of Origin:China
Genre:Romance, Martial
Release Date:Dec 15, 2004
Product Made In:United States
Case:CD Case

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01. Opening Title
02. Beauty Song (Jia Ren Qu)
03. The Echo Game
04. The Peonyhouse
05. Battle In The Forest
06. Taking Her Hand
07. Leo'S Eyes
08. Lovers (Flower Garden)
09. No Way Out
10. Lovers
11. Farewell No. 1
12. Bamboo Forest
13. Ambush In 10 Directions (Shi Mian Mai Fu)
14. Leo'S Theme
15. Mei And Leo
16. The House Of Flying Daggers
17. Lovers (Mei And Jin)
18. Farewell No. 2
19. Until The End
20. Lovers (Title Song)