101st Propose TV Series Soundtrack
101번째 프로포즈

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Also Known As:My Perfect Girl
Director:Jang Tae-Yu
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Jun 21, 2006
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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1. 내게도 사랑이 - 보이쳐 (3'21")
2. 그대 눈 속에 - 모 세 (4'03")
3. Say Yes - 비스켓 (3'31")
4. 사랑해서 미안합니다 - 모 세 (3'47")
5. 숨은 그대 찾기 - 지 혜 (3'47")
6. 내곁에 있어줘 - 가이즈 (3'39")
7. 소중한 사랑 - 이 룸 (3'29")
8. 널 잊을수 있게 - 이기찬 (4'58")
9. 달동네의 추억(달재테마) (2'32")
10. Memories(수정테마) (2'21")
11. 내게도 사랑이 Inst. (2'38")
12. 목수의 꿈 (2'00")
13. I Don't Know (1'16")
14. 숨은 그대찾기 Inst. (2'32")
15. Say Yes Piano Solo (4'28")
16. 너에게 (2'15")
17. 질주 (2'57")
18. 즐거운 상상 (1'52")
19. Say Yes Acustic Guitar (3'58")
About 101st Propose TV Series
On Air: 29.5.2006 ~ 25.7.2006

The 101st Proposal aka 'My Perfect Girl' stars Lee Moon-Shik as Dal-Jae, one of those old bachelors who can't seem to get a wife no matter how many (marriage meetings) they attend. I mean, he's got it all: he's good look... OK, not really. But, hey, he's rich... at least inside. And despite his heavy Jeolla Province dialect, he certainly has many charms, it's just that he's too damn picky (or is it the other way around?)! But all of a sudden he finds his perfect girl, a 29 year old announcer (Park Sun-Young) who will rock his world. Man, I bet her parents will love her new conquest. Story has been done to death, but this being a Weekend Drama (more time to develop characters, less incentive to use educational 'shocking revelations' to make viewers practice new swear words) and having such a good cast, we might be dealing with the closest thing to MBC's glorious mid-to-late 90s Weekend Dramas like "Apartment" or "Roses & Beansprouts" in a while.