Foxy Lady TV Series Soundtrack
여우야 뭐하니

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Also Known As:What's Up Fox, Hello Fox
Director:Kwon Seok-Jang
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Oct 19, 2006
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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1. 여우야 뭐하니 Title-안미선 (02:45)
2. 고기자의 상상(야한생각)-한경훈 (02:26)
3. 쎄시봉-한경훈 (01:59)
4. 폼생폼사(철수 테마)-김기범(KGB) (04:00)
5. 늦은 시작(병희 테마)-안미선 (04:56)
6. Like me(병희&철수)-이상규 (04:12)
7. Don’t do that boy(철수 테마)-한경훈 (03:52)
8. 사랑이 보여요(병희 테마)-주희 (03:49)
9. 늑대들의 합창-이상규 (04:07)
10. 하늘 위에서도(사랑의 테마)-김준휘 (05:09)
11. 이런게 사랑인가 봐요-노영채 (03:22)
12. Jaz Muzik(준희 테마)-Simo (04:33)
13. 그동안 난(병희의 마음)-최명희 (01:58)
14. 여우 휘파람(병희 가족 테마)-한경훈 (01:49)
15. Yeah!-한경훈 (01:58)
16. Comic Funky(시작음악)-한경훈 (01:15)
17. 티격태격(병희&철수)-한경훈 (00:46)
18. 아주 잠시만(자궁의 꿈)-한경훈 (05:22)
About Foxy Lady TV Series
Most people probably have experienced at one time or another, searching for a pencil all over their house, only to discover they had been holding it in their hand all the while. This drama is about the process of realizing that the pencil is in your hands. This drama wants to talk about the simple truth that both love and happiness are found right beside you, right in your heart. It wants to say that if you discard your superficial defenses, just a little, you too can become happy.

This story is about a not-so-bright older girl of 33 years old with a heart of a 24-year-old called Go Byeong Hee, who works as a reporter in a third-rate magazine company and dreams with a "platonic love and relationship" with her friend's brother who is nine years younger than her. She frequently finds it hard to cope with the blandness of her life. What she dreams of, is working for a company that she can be proud of and finding a man who can provide warm support when she needs it. In addition, she wants to go on a world tour in a camping car with her new love. Suddenly, she gets into an accident with her friend Seung Hye's brother, Park Chul Su . He is a 24-year-old male working as a mechanic at a car repair shop. Although Chul Su does not have much in life, he is filled with ambition and enjoys life by doing the things he loves, working as a mechanic and traveling. How many people actually find the love they dream of? Until they realize that true love is just around the corner, this couple continues to pursue this unique romantic relationship of "dating a friend's brother" and "dating my sister's friend".