Seoul Scandal TV Series Soundtrack

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Also Known As:KyungSung Scandal, Scandal in Seoul, Scandal in Old Seoul, Capital Scandal, Scandal in the Capital, Modern Romance
Director:Han Jun-Seo
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance, History, Comedy
Release Date:Jun 21, 2007
Product Made In:South Korea
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1. 경성 스캔들
2. Because of you
3. Elegy
4. Dance with me
5. 끝이라 믿는 그대
6. No Life Without You (Feat. 소설)
7. Winds of Kyung Sung
8. 경성 스캔들 (Inst.)
9. Sweet Song
10. 경성 BLUES
11. 몽 (夢)
12. Waltz of Destiny
13. Elegy Tango
14. 끝이라 믿는 그대 (Inst.)
15. One Summer
16. Because of you (Inst.)
17. In a Mood
About Seoul Scandal TV Series
Broadcast: June 6, 2007 ~ August 1, 2007
Total 16 episodes

This drama is based on the novel "Sad Story of the Capital" written by Lee Sun Mi. It portrays a love story that happened in the 1930s. Sun Woo Wan is the youngest son of a rich and famous family and he is involved in the independence movement. Lee Soo Hyun is a Chosun person, who rises amongst the ranks of the government and Cha Song Joo is a famous bar hostess in one of the top class restaurants.

This series juxtaposes the heroic anti-Japanese movement with young romance by depicting Seoul of the 1930s, when the nation's independence fighters clashed with pro-Japanese traitors while pre-modern moral values clashed with free love of the modern time. It was an era when young people acted with extreme passion to protect their love and things that they treasured. They regarded love as the most powerful stimulant of a revolution, and a loving relationship as the best revolution tactics. This drama attempts to interpret one of the gloomiest periods in the nation's history in the most cheerful and vigorous way.