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Product Information
Also Known As:Swiri
Director:Kang Je-Gyu
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Action, Romance
Subtitle:no available
Sound:Dolby Surround
Release Date:Oct 01, 1999
Publisher:Alto Media
Product Made In:South Korea
Aspect Ratio:1.33:1
Case:CD Case

About Shiri
SHIRI is a big budget flick from Korea that rips into the conventions of the Hollywood action movie with glee, mixing throat-tightening romance with Teflon-hard action to create the kind of heartbreaking blockbuster that Hollywood long ago forgot how to make. It's not an art movie a la CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON, but a good old-fashioned action flick where the engine's maxed-out, the needle's in the red, and the characters stand to lose something much more than their lives.

Locked in a fragile d?ente with its famine-wracked, communist neighbor to the North, South Korea lives in a state of constant national emergency. It is policed by a task force of special agents whose personal lives have withered and died as they root out infiltrators and sleeper agents, rush from crisis to calamity, pursue rumors of war and chase terrorists who vanish like ghosts. One particular phantom, a female North Korean sniper named Hee, has led agents Ryu (Han Suk-Gyu) and Lee (Song Kang-Ho) through a nightmare of burnt corpses and bloody crime scenes for ten years before suddenly vanishing. One year later she resurfaces, and with her comes a squad of North Korean commandos who have infiltrated Seoul and master-minded the theft of an experimental explosive.

A whirlwind of fear and paranoia engulfs the city as civilian targets are bombed and Agents Lee and Ryu chase an enemy who is always one charred and blackened step ahead of them. As Agent Lee is pulled in two directions by his fragile fianc?, Hyun, and the dead-eyed terrorist, Hee, the personal becomes the political and in the blink of an eye affairs of the political and in the blink of an eye affairs of the heart become affairs of state.

Good people and bad politics, ideals and extremism, suicide bombers and special agents, slam into one another like hyper-charged electrons in a particle accelerator, as SHIRI strips our nerves raw and sets our blood boiling.

Whip smart and lightening fast, SHIRI gives more - more action, more romance, more style - than anything out in the multiplexes this winter, going toe-to-toe with bigger, clunkier, more muscle-bound movies and beating them to the mat in minutes. Brains buzzing, hearts broken, nerves drained and spent, you'll stagger out of SHIRI wondering why you've been wasting your time with all those other movies this month. And when's the last time an action movie made you say that?
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