Robbers TV Series Soundtrack

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Also Known As:Bulhandang, Robber of My Heart, 无赖汉
Director:Yu In-Sik
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Feb 04, 2008
Publisher:Mnet Media
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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불한당 (Title)
가슴이 메어와
참 못됐습니다.
너를 지킬게
Deep Soul
너를 만나서
설레임 가까이
이룰 수 없는 사랑
Last Night
Candy Boy
눈감아도 (Scat Ver.)
설레임 가까이 (Slow Ver.)
사랑해서 그리운 건
Alone (1:53)
사랑해서 그리운건 (Guitar Ver.)
눈감아도 (Pop Ver.)
About Robbers TV Series
Broadcast: Jan 2, 2008 ~ Feb 28, 2008
Total 16 episodes

Jang Hyuk ,who made a stunning career comeback with 2007 sleeper hit Thank You, stars in the new SBS melodrama Bad Guy (a.k.a. Robber). The story paints the remarkable transformation of a down-on-luck swindler into a man of integrity through his discovery of love and happiness brought on by a naive but high-spirited single mom. Jang Hyuk, who became both a husband and a father in 2008, delivers a superb performance as a shrewd slick-talking con-man who makes a cheap living swindling money from love-hungry women. My Girl's feisty and bubbly Lee Da Hae conveys much realism in her portrayal of a headstrong widow, earning the actress the nickname of "queen of tears".

Amidst the dark despair, love ultimately prevails in Bad Buy, guiding the two wounded souls onto the path of healing. Written by Kim Kyu Wan who previously brought us Piano and Spring Days, this touching drama also provides plenty of humorous moments, touching on such topics as homosexuality and middle-aged romance.

When it comes to manipulating women's hearts (or rather their bank accounts), Oh Joon (Jang Hyuk) knows best. Bidding farewell to Young Soo (Kim Eun Joo) at the airport, Oh Joon gives her a deep passionate kiss - something to remember him by. As she heads to the departure gate, he pleads her not to look back, as parting from a lover can be awfully painful. Meanwhile, young widow Dal Lae (Lee Da Hae) wants her mother-in-law Soon Som (Han Hye Sook) to stop trying to fix her up on blind dates. Happy and content living with her 5-year-old daughter and her mother-in-law, the last thing on Dal Lae's mind is to get remarried. However, at Soon Sam's persistence, Dal Lae shows up for the blind date but the man turns out to be a wealthy grandfather! Flabbergasted, Dal Lae steps hard on her accelerator and crashes into Oh Joon's car. And lo and behold, the slick swindler zooms in on his next target.